The Manor at Bluewater Dietary Aide / Assistant Cook in Niceville, Florida

Job Summary

To perform specified duties in order to maintain high standards of quality food preperation, production, service and portion control, using standardized recipes, for all customers


Must have a sincere interest in foodservice and enjoy working with geriatric and other healthcare patients Must have or be willing to learn food preparation and cooking skills Must have knowledge of or be willing to learn theraputic and modified diet information to use in preparing and serving patient trays Must be able to read and interput standardized recipes for quantity and quality food production Must have knowledge of or be willing to learn correct sanitation procedures and use them on a daily basis Must be willing to perform repetitive tasks daily Must possess and use excellent customer service and communication skills Must be able to follow oral and/or written instructions Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English Must be able to read and understand labels on chemicals and MSDS sheets and be able to use these products safely and correctly Must be in good mental and physical condition Must possess leadership qualities and be able to supervise and secure the cooperation of dietary partners Must work cooperatively and productively with all partners in Dietary and all departments following established policies of the center Must be willing to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, must be at work on time and during scheduled shifts May be required to have a Food Handlers Certificate of Sanitation Course, as required by state regulations Must be able to work under supervision DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:

Must demonstrate qualities of being a self-starter and be able to make independent decisions when necessary Must be able to manage the dietary department in the abscence of the dietary manager when necessary and act as supervisor when the manager or assistant manager is not available Has a thorough understanding of all regulations (local, state, and federal) which affect dietary, including but not limited to, patient care, sanitation, labor, fire, safety, and disaster and complies with said regulations Assists in maintaining the dietary department in safe, secure and sanitary manner and reports any problems to dietary manager Uses good judgement in conserving supplies, preventing food waste and conserving utilities. Reports any food, supply and equipment needs or concerns to the Dietary manager Assists in recieving and storing food and supplies to prevent waste and assure quality products. Dates, labels, and stores items properly. Using proper food handling techniques Reviews menus, theraputic menus, recipes, and production sheets before peparing meals and prepares and serves all diets properly, accurately, and attractively as planned using proper portions and special diet items Follows standardized recipes and special diet orders, preparing sufficient quantities to meet all service requirements Responsible for testing and tasting all foods for proper appearance, flavor, aroma, and temperature making adjustments as needed Responsible for timing of preparation of meals/snacks to meet schedule for service for all customers and assures that all meals are prepared and served on schedule not ahead of time Portions foods on plate during tray service according to standards. Check trays for accuracy of diets, preferences, and quality before they are delivered. serves on tray line and delivers carts to floor as needed Follows menu provided, if menu substitutions are necessary record these substitutions in designated place Must show inititive in choosing garnishments, seasonings (herbs and spices) according to patient/resident preferences, the use of leftovers, and in food preparation and service Attends all in services and other necessary meetings Keeps work area clean and uncluttered and completes assigned cleaning duties. Responsible for the proper use, care, cleanliness, and sanitation of kitchen and equipment Communicates and cooperates with staff, patients and their families Processes new diet orders and diet changes when recieved from nursing service and keeps tray cards updated in the abscense of Dietary Manager Adheres to the dress code for the department Prepares or directs preparation of all foods indicated on the menu Peels, washes, trims, and cuts vegetables and fruits Washes, cuts, bones, and trims meat, fish and fowl. Cuts same into uniform portions as stated on menu. Prepares food using standardized recipes, mixing ingredients and adding condiments on the basis of patients likes and tolerances Follows menus provided, making changes only with the consent of the supervisor Prepares any food items for special diet orders